METAL MILITIA is known for the integrity of our lifts. We have always trained and competed with an unwavering standard of executing the lifts properly within the original rules of powerlifting. METAL MILITIA POWERLIFTING has no desire or need to change the basics of the original rules of powerlifting. Until we define a complete rule book of our own, we will use the same rules as the World Powerlifting Organization. You can read their rule book here.

The rules of powerlifting as originally designed are pretty much the same for all organizations with regards to the execution of the lifts. The differences then are mostly in the equipment used and the gear or clothing lifters are allowed to wear.



METAL MILITIA POWERLIFTING meets are run to provide a safe, fair, respectful and motivating experience for the lifter. We understand that lifters often invest a great amount of time and money and vacation time to travel to and compete at our meets. For this reason, we focus on providing a consistancy of expectations in equipment, spotting, judging, organization and atmosphere.


METAL MILITIA POWERLIFTING Meets will all use METAL MILITIA monolifts and benches. This provides the lifter with an assurance of safety and consistancy that the same monolifts and benches are used in all our meets. Let`s face it, when you train on a METAL MILITIA bench, you don`t want to go to a meet that uses smaller vinyl bench pads or lower heights. And, you don`t want to train in a METAL MLITIA monolift and then go to a meet that has a monolift that tips or has less than a 60 inch wide inside stance.


Lifter Categories

For now MMP has the following lifter categories.


Raw includes

  • a singlet in all lifts,
  • wrist wraps up to 1 metre or 39.4 inches long,
  • a belt and
  • knee wraps up to 2.5 metres or 98.4 inches (8.2 feet) long.


Equipped includes all single or multiply powerlifting clothing or gear. As of this time we do not keep separate records for single ply equipment.



Drug free and drug tested category. This category is for lifters who want to compete and set records against other lifters who are drug free. Be honest and only enter this category if you are drug free for life or at least for a very long time - a few years. Don`t enter this category if you used performance enhancing drugs to get to where you are and then just stopped using them before the meet in order to compete against drug free lifters. Any lifter who enters a drug free competition and is caught in a drug test that comes out positive will be banned for life from Metal Militia Powerlifting.


Enter this category if you do not wish to be drug tested. This does not label you as a drug user, it simply means that you wish to compete against the strongest and do not wish to go through the process of getting drug tested. I have seen competitions where most of the lifters in the Pro category were lifetime drug free but simply wanted to compete against the best and did not care for drug testing.