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Journey of a Teenage Powerlifter

Between Facebook personal trainers, cookie cutter programming and bro science; the journey of a teenage powerlifter is fraught with pitfalls at every step of their way. They are thrust into federations that leave them gasping for guidance or squeeze every ounce of talent and leave them injured in retirement. I was pushed into the APL (A denomination of the IPL/USAPL) by my first coach, and while my experiences were mostly positive there were aspects which stood out as lacking. There was practically zero equipped representation at meets, and lifting RAW was subtly encouraged with a lack of monolifts at state competitions and prizes clearly exceeding

those for equipped. I then competed with CAPO (WPC) where I currently hold a bench press

national record and deadlift world record. Here, all I saw was a stronger bias towards RAW and against Equipped. That bias was all around me, until I found Metal Militia. President, Chris Skaroupa, and VP, Dave Maddox invited me to join a club where the rights of the lifter were supported, allowing them to compete and perform on their terms.

My experience at the FIRST EVER Metal Militia Meet in Australia, was phenomenal. Records were smashed, a beautiful Island feed was eaten and good times were had by all. Now, the Australian Chapter looks towards ‘Hells Gate’, our 3-lift meet happening on the 3rd of October. To put it simply, as a MM member, I have access to the world's best coaches, heaviest lifters and great friends. I am honored to be a part of bringing multiply back to Australia and to have some badass people in my corner. Chris Skaroupa (President) and David ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox (VP) have been instrumental in driving the club forward and inspiring all of our members. I must thank the Nebraskan Nomad, Brian Forbes, Bradley Michael Jones, Le Roy Vorster, Les Wroe and Alphoncis Pryor for their support, and their friendship. Metal Militia for Life!


About the author

My name is Anderson Janes and I am a Teenage (u20) WPC deadlift World Record Holder and 7x Australian Record Holder. I am now 19 years of age, studying a Bachelor Degree in

Advanced Humanity at the University of Queensland. Powerlifting has been my obsession since my first coach introduced it to me in a high school gym at the age of 17. Since breaking the Multiply deadlift record for the WPC, I have immersed myself in the family and brotherhood that is Metal Militia Powerlifting. As a young lifter, I must carefully balance my ambitions and my physical abilities, and my Metal Militia family has guided me carefully through these trials. I am now poised to break the Australian ‘Unlimited’ Bench Record and a MM World Deadlift Record, at our upcoming meet, ‘Hells Gate’ (October 3rd).

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