The Metal Militia is the worlds largest powerlifting team, comprised of chapters spanning the globe.  Each Chapter President is hand selected from thousands of lifters. The Chapter President then goes on to select members who share our passion, vision, and dedication to powerlifting. Metal Militia is a brotherhood, a family, and a team. If you're interested in joining our ranks, contact the Chapter President nearest you. 

New York


Home and headquarters of the Metal Militia. Federation President Nick Rouse and Chapter Vice President Will Barotti train and coach at the Adirondack Barbell Club in South Glens Falls New York. To many, this training facility is considered a mecca of shirted bench press training. Every person that comes to this gym hits a Personal Record. 

mason dixon chapert.jpg
Mason Dixon 

Home of the first Chapter President and Vice President of the Metal Militia, Jeff McVicar. Jeff has been around since the start and has helped mold and form the Training Methods of the Metal Militia. His facility located atop Haunted Hill on the Mason Dixon line is a privet, invitation only, gym dedicated the traditions of the Metal Militia. In this compound, Invited guest always hit PR's. 

Montreal Canada 


Chapter President Ross Salden runs one of the oldest Metal Militia Chapters for our brothers and Sisters to the North. Ross is the creator and owner of the Montreal Barbell Club and has been an essential component to building the Metal Militia from the beginning. 



Dave Barth the owner of the training facility Universal Athletics, in Allentown Pennsylvania. He has established a long history and tradition of training excellence while always pushing the envelope on new and innovative training techniques. Home of the Northeast Power Bowl,  The Old Iron Bull, and Pop's Classic; the Metal Militia Pennsylvania Chapter is a standard in hosting quality powerlifting meets. 



Chapter President Mike Lapinski has devoted his life to Powerlifting. A member of the Connecticut Powerlifting Hall of Fame and disguised Chapter President, Mike has not only stood on the platform for over 20 years but has cultivated countless athletes into preforming their best over the years. 

Winchester VA


Ken Forman's Winchester Chapter, hunkered down in an old airplane hanger is the site of pain, determination, and pride.  This chapter has been handed down from Rusty Pew and Ken retains the same rugged, hard core, training environment that has been producing results for  over a decade. 

Delaware Valley


The Delaware Vally chapter is led by Bill Fritz a prodigy of Metal Militia pioneer and legend Franz. Bill had no problem steeping out of Franz's shadow and has since established himself as an accomplished lifter, squatting over 1,000,  and an exceptional coach. The Delaware Chapter is a privet gym by invitation only, contact Bill directly if you are intresed in the oppertunity in training with the Delaware Chapter. 

Atlantic City


Home to one on the worlds most premier powerlifters Bob Merkh, the tradition ad values of the Metal Militia run deep within this chapter. A true family of competitors that ranges over a multitude of weight classes. This chapter contains Multiple 1,000+ pound squatters, 800+ pound benchers, and 800+ dead lifters. The Atlantic City Barbell is a privet gym by invitation only, contact Bob for the oppertunity to train at the Atlantic City Barbell Club. 

High Seas .png
High Seas


The High Seas Chapter is the United States Merchant Marine Metal Militia Chapter. Kyle Hines has traveled around the US Merchant Fleet establishing Powerlifting Gyms upon every vessel he sails. He has trained countless crews in the style of Metal Militia Training over the years and has brought the Metal Militia to 5 continents. 

Erie County 


President Randy Owens and Vice President Shane Darnofall have taken the sleepy county of Erie PA and destroyed its quaint tranquillity. A training facility fulled by maniacs, lunatics, and Ax murders makes the platform a terrifying place for the competition. This training facility is open to the public but certainly is not for the faint at heart. 

Central PA MM LOGO black.png
Central Pa  

Chris Kitchen - President

Jesse Leitzel - Vice President

Central Pa Chapter is based out of Allenwood Pa . We are an old school hardcore training of a like minded brotherhood that shows up strong and leaves stronger every day.

Elmira NY 


We are a new Chapter in 2019. We are a brotherhood of like minded people who work to become stronger together. The Elmira Chapter operates out of a commercial gym where powerlifting is encouraged. Ted Kohler is the chapter president and ensures the gym has powerlifting equipment available.

Atlantic Canada 


The Northern expansion continues into Nova Scotia, Canada with a powerful chapter led by Matt Watson. Trained in both cognate and Militia techniques, this chapter's resourcefulness is only shadowed by its devotion t competition. Contact Matt for the opportunity to train along side the smartest athlete in in Canada 



Slovakia Metal Militia is a long time chapter that has boast many years and great lifters. This no nonsense chapter preservers through strict determination and dedication to the core beliefs of the Metal Militia. The life blood of honor, integrity, brotherhood, and Strength are the true driving force of this relentless chapter.

Scandinavian Chapter.jpg


Long time power lifter and Metal Militia brother Petter Elvekrok has brought the intensity and chaos of the Metal Militia to Scandinavia Vice President Ida Gullbrandsson assist Petter in unleashing  the fury that is the Scandinavia chapter.  This intense group of lifters have begun the Metal Militia assault on Northern Europe, all others take heed/



We are a chapter of a dozen powerlifters and bench pressers who share a common belief that to be the best requires honor loyalty respect to your family to your brothers to your club.We all have competition experience.I myself have 30 years on the platform and over 160 meets.anyone within the Pittsburgh area and who shares our creed is welcome to train with us.



We are The Steel Valley Metal Militia chapter located in Youngstown, Ohio. Our Brothers and Sisters in Strength train together in a private, invitation only, gym. Our goal is to maximize our team members' powerlifting potential be it raw or geared, and build a camaraderie amongst those dedicated enough to be a part of the Steel Valley Metal Militia. President: Matthew Hodge VP: Nick Durse



The Nomads are a chapter with a world wide membership . Loyalty, respect, honor, and integrity are what we strive to achieve as a brotherhood. The chapter is headed up by Nick Tsourounis who has several years experience in powerlifting on and off the platform .

Los Lobos


Los Lobos is a group of “Bench Press Specialist” with some “Full Power” Lifters scattered throughout the midst. We consist of entry level lifters all the way through Multiple Record holders in the mens and women’s open and masters divisions. These records are held  at the State, National and World level. 


We are based out of a private training facility in Celina Ohio that encompasses Powerlifting, CrossFit, Gymnastics and Cheer. Los Lobos Chapter President is Mike Wolfe, if you are in West Central Ohio or East Central Indiana and are looking for a Bench Crew hit him up.



For too long multiply lifters have been social outcast and the scourge of powerlifting society. Led by the deranged Chris Skaroupka and Mad Dog Maddox this invitation only chapter spans across Australia with the goal of bringing the crazy back to powerlifting. Only dedicated lifters that bestow the metal militia qualities will be accepted. If you think you have what it takes to become part of the brotherhood then get in contact with Chris




Hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, sweat, iron. This is the Italy Chapter. Our goal is to make powerlifting hardcore again. Anybody can do powerlifting, but only few can call themself powerlifters.




The AZ chapter of Metal Militia is based out of Fitness1 Gym in Phoenix AZ. President Jeff Shellenberger and Vice President Mark Stanford have 40 years combined experience in the sport. The founding team of Mass=Power is made up of a broad range of lifters, both very new to the sport to other more seasoned competitors. Our unifying factor is the iron. Our common goal is to create powerful lifters and strong people who crush PR’s and set records.