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The Metal Militia has been around a long time. Most of our existence has been underground and recluse. People only knew we existed when we arrived at competitions and wiped the floor with the other lifters. For most of our history, we were the underdogs, the gang of misfit’s people loved to hate. We broke conventions, we cut the backs out of our bench shirts, we were loud and aggressive, and we flagrantly partied in the faces of the defeated. We wished our competitors well, then put them under our boot heels.

Time has passed, and like all things, changes have taken place. We are no longer are just 10 hardcore lifters in a dingy, sweat-filled room. Instead, there are now hundreds of us, toiling away in powerlifting gyms, garages, basements, the decks of ships, and backyards all over the world. Isolated sleeper cells, all connected with one common thread, “Brotherhood.”

In the past, upon entering a meet, we had one goal; “Decimate the Competition.” At the completion of every meet, we raised the Metal Militia flag over those defeated. We took great pride in showing our rivals that a few closely knit men, devoted to the craft would not be ignored.

Today the same hunger for victory and thirst for conquest, and the same middle finger to all those who doubt us, pulses through our vanes. We remain uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence. For we know, when we show up to compete, we are not just winning the battle of the day; we are turning the tide of powerlifting. We are uprooting the little clicks and tiny little kingdoms, and we are exposing the rot, the weakness, and the greed.

Long, long ago, a little seed was sewn. A seed of determination, virtue, and commitment. This tiny little seed had persevered through droughts, storms, and plagues. That seed is now a mighty sequoia in a forest of weeds. Yet, we are still hated, and so many want us to fail. We don’t fit in, we don’t belong, we are not conventional. They hate us because we are different, we are loud, but most of all they, hate us because we are extremely good at what we do. Showing up and annihilating the competition.

I guess things haven’t changed all that much after all.

We are the Old

We are the New

We are the Future

We are the Metal Militia

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